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We had the most wonderful time with the The Cat & the Riddle. The rehearsals, the sets, props and costume preparations and definitely with the performances themselves.

I cannot begin to tell you how much every cast member has grown and blossomed in so many different ways over the period of time from the beginning of the rehearsals to the final performance night. Actually ... I can begin to tell you ... but it would take a very, very long time!

What a fabulous story, exciting characters and sensational music this production has. To see our cast of Year 6s discover and develop hidden talents, grow in confidence in singing, acting, dancing and stage craft ... and grow strong as supportive, cooperative, caring cast mates was a joy to see and be a part of.

This musical is undeniably worth its weight in gold (or ancient cat statues!) and it was filled with pyramid-sized positives and excitement. We loved it and we congratulate the creators of this Egyptian treasure. What a wonderful springboard for so many things for so many children!

Thank you again for such a funny, entertaining, intriguing show. It was fantastic fun and a great learning experience for our Year 6s ... and for the adults too.

Happy days!

Kathy Shaw, St. Thomas More School, Mt. Eliza, Victoria, Australia

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Act 1 Stage 1 Calamity James

Children develop so much as they take on roles or work in the chorus, props or band of a school musical production. Yes, the amount of work is immense, but the rewards match the effort.

We can look back over our years and name children who have developed acting or musical careers as a result of their success as leads in our shows. Perhaps there is an Elizabeth Taylor, Lawrence Olivier or Michael Jackson in your school who just needs you to provide the opportunity.

We have had such fun writing, rehearsing, performing and refining these shows. Many other schools have told us how much they have enjoyed preparing and performing them and the value they have been to their students' personal growth. You are invited to explore our shows through their links. Each one offers you:

  • a summary of the show
  • the first scene
  • lyrics of the first song
  • testimony from previous clients
For further assistance contact Doug. Williams.

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Youth Encouragement Award
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Bimbadeen Heights Primary

Calamity James 2002

Youth Encouragement Award

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Here are some things I loved about working with your production company.
  • I love that your plays are fresh and unique; it's so fun to do a play that the community hasn't already seen repeatedly.
  • I loved the easy-to-use production pack.
  • The performance fees were very reasonable and made it possible to spend a little bit of money on set, microphone rentals, and other things to make the viewing experience wonderful for the audience. These things would have been scaled back if the performance fees were more costly, and the viewing enjoyment would have suffered as a result.
  • I also appreciate that your performance fees are proportional to tickets sales, which mitigates some of the financial risk of doing a school production.
I found the whole experience of working with Upstage Productions to be delightful!

Thank you again for your wonderful material! It was fun to hear the catchy music being sung in the hallways of the school and at recess by cast members. The excitement throughout the school was palpable. Parents, teachers, and students have all raved about the delightful experience.

Amy Lundquist, Alpine Elementary School, Utah, USA

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