All Knight
Drawing by Rob Mullarvey
A Mirthful Medieval Musical
by Jan McLean, Peter Hill, Neil Jackson & Doug Williams


The peasants of Puddle are in trouble. Plague, pestilence and famine are pressing in on all sides masterminded by evil Black Prints, the king's brother. The situation seems hopeless until Good King Allwell leads his knights on a quest to find the Well Of Wonders. If he can find it before the other searchers, then he will be the first to drink the water which grants one wish every hundred years. The clues are a riddle; the wish is a mystery; the result is Allwell.

Read Scene 1 here.
(PDF: download or read on screen)

Production Pack includes:

  • Script and lyrics
  • Music score if required
  • High quality digitally arranged performance tracks as MP3
  • Vocal rehearsal tracks as MP3
  • Sound effects tracks as MP3
  • Permission to reproduce as necessary for cast and crew

What they say about All's Well

  • The kids had a great time and really turned it all on for the audience. It was a lot of fun and really nice to see it all come together in the end. Thank you all for such a wonderful musical!
    Jessica Munsterman
    Aswan Home School, Aswan, Egypt

  • We had our production - it went really well. The kids loved it and the audience really enjoyed it! Thank you!!!!
    In our school newsletter the next day we wrote:
    Our musical production "All's Well That Ends Swell" was held yesterday. It was a great success! Our senior students were very impressive, remembering all of their lines. Everyone did a terrific job with their singing. Well done everyone!
    Sue Egan
    Kinglake Primary School, Victoria

  • The kids did such a magnificent job and had a ball performing. I really enjoyed working with them and am very pleased with how it all went. My husband did a fantastic job with the set construction, complete with a working wooden drawbridge!
    Amanda Dennehy
    Waverley Meadows Primary School, Victoria

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  • Thanks again for the opportunity to perform one of the Upstage Productions musicals and yes we had a terrific night. As some of my other colleagues have said, it's great seeing the students challenged and placed under different pressures outside of the classroom and to gain so much success. The feedback from families and friends has been overwhelming.

    I think this musical worked well because it gave a wide range of characters that students could work with. We're always challenging students to be an individual and to be themselves. The range of characters enabled students to put their own 'spin on things'.
    Ben Hill
    Lawrence Public School, N.S.W.

    The performance was great and we are very proud of our students (& staff) for the tremendous work that they put into ensuring a successful show.
    Debbie Davis
    School Administration Manager, Lawrence Public School, N.S.W.

  • We loved rehearsing All's Well That Ends Swell. The teachers and children enjoyed the songs and the script. The show was a fabulous success.
    Carolyn Smith
    Te Mata School, Havelock North, New Zealand

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  • All went very well, the kids never missed a line!! This type of play is put together so well, that it made it easier for us this year, even though we lost one week of practice they were ready! They loved performing it so much, I wish we could put on the show more than once! Fun was had by all; your letter to the kids was their highlight. Again thanks for the play; they loved it and really got into the characters!
    Debbie Rooney, Drama Coach
    Easton Elementary School, Maine, USA

  • I've attached a few photos of West Buckland Prep School in action. We worked hard together preparing for the play which was a great bonding experience.
    Mrs. Lesley Hartley
    West Buckland Preparatory School, Devon, UK

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  • The kids had their performance on May 13th. They were fabulous! We had a small, but terrific group of parents that made awesome set and props. We were very fortunate to have use of costumes from our Middle and High Schools theater groups. Our cast were mostly girls so all the sirs had ponytails!

    The feedback from the school staff and kids was outstanding. The staff claims it's the best play the 6th Graders had ever put on. That is saying something! I've directed 2 other ones for the school. The script and characters were so much fun for them to play. Thank you for the opportunity to have a script that is so easy and fun for the cast, crew and audience.

    A fun note, while practising individual songs and such, we had the kids that were there due to early school program, laughing and singing along. The build up to the production day was phenomenal.
    Emmett D. Williams Elementary School, USA

  • Dear Jan, Neil, Peter & Doug,

    This year was our fifteenth Templeton musical and we have done a different one every year, including most of yours. All's Well That Ends Swell was an overwhelming success. The 85 Year Six performers loved it and the audience has never laughed so much! Catchy songs, lots of different characters and a story line that was easy to follow. All's Well That Ends Swell got the most laughs and positive feedback from the audience of any play we have done.

    Well done to you all.

    Pamela Wood
    Performing Arts Co-ordinator, Templeton Primary School

  • All's Well That Ends Swell is a terrific script for a large cast of enthusiastic elementary children. The dialogue is clever and funny and our campers, aged 5 to 14, could easily master their roles. The music is melodic and memorable. You'll be singing these songs for weeks following the performance!
    You may notice in (the album below) that our Bad Knights were all girls, aged 7 and 8. They were hilarious! They were completely surprised at our first dress rehearsal. "Wait a minute! You mean we're actually supposed to be boys!?!"
    ACT I Stage! One, Benton County, Iowa, USA

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  • We had an absolutely wonderful time with All's Well That Ends Swell. It is a fabulous musical with great songs and a script that lends itself to laughter and entertainment. Our whole cast feels a real sense of achievement and I am very proud of them and what they have been able to do, both individually and as a team.
    Thank you to all at Upstage Productions ... writers, musicians, administration team ... it was a positive and happy experience to work with one of your musicals.
    St. Thomas More's School

  • Thank you so much for such a delightful play. We had tons of fun and the end result was truly 'swell.
    Cordwalles Preparatory School, South Africa, Year 7

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  • I just wanted to let you know how well the musical went. The kids were so excited when they received your good luck fax. They kept asking if this was really from the "real writer of the play." The parents loved the play, and the kids could not have done a better job. You would have been proud!
    Easton Elementary School

  • Thank you for everything. Your musicals are very much appreciated! We thoroughly enjoyed All's Well. Thank you for a great show.
    Norman Park State School

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  • Thanks very much for a great play. The students had a terrific time presenting it. It was fun for both performers and spectators. A very successful event.
    Blackburn Primary School

  • Our play was fantastic. The parents, teachers and children were enthralled by it. Overall it was a huge success.
    Fig Tree Pocket State School

  • We had a great time performing it and it was well received by the audience.
    Nambour State School

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