Alpine Elementary School
Utah, USA


Calamity James

February 2008

A large majority of our cast members were girls. In previous years, we've had the girls dress as boys and play the corresponding part. However, the girls aren't very fond of the idea, so this time, with your permission, we changed a number of the boy characters into girl characters. Therefore, Bad Bart and his gang became Bad Betty and her gang (it made the one-upping exchange between the two gangs hilarious!). The Card Players/Rangers and Gabby were all girls disguised as boys who revealed their true identities (and their curly locks of hair) in the final scene. It actually worked beautifully and added to the surprise. I just thought I should explain who Bad Betty was. Also, we played an Elvis angle on the Banker's songs, so that's what he was referring to when he said he loved dancing like Elvis.
Amy Lundquist


I loved playing the evil, insulting banker and the songs were really cool to sing. Dancing like Elvis was funny, too! I liked the story line and how there was a bad guy and good people.
Spencer, age 9

I liked dressing like a cowboy and being with my friends.
Kevin, age 5

I loved singing and dancing like a cowgirl. It was a funny story, cool costumes, and great music.
Jolie, age 7

I loved the song 'Miss Fortune and Misery'. I got to be a little sassy as Miss Fortune and I liked that!
Camille, age 11

I really liked the humor in the script and the music. Calamity James was fun to work on!
Nicole, 12 (Bad Betty's Gang)

I loved dancing in the play. I also loved watching the Fortune Cookies singing and dancing in their puffy dresses. I can't wait to be in another play!
Kylie, age 6

I loved being in the Banker's Gang. Our songs were cool, and my moustache was awesome! Rehearsals were fun, and I liked the story.
Reese, age 10

I loved playing Calamity James. I liked how James was just a normal kid and then became a hero. I liked the mystery part of the story, too.
Caden, age 9

We loved making new friends in the play and singing and dancing, too.
Nicole and Brianne, ages 8 & 7

This is one of two casts. We had over 250 children in the production.

See y'all in the next show pardners!