Calamity James
Drawing by Rob Mullarvey
A Rootin' Tootin' Fast Shootin' Western
by Jan McLean, Peter Hill, Neil Jackson & Doug Williams


Fortune Gully is beset with bad guys who are making life miserable for the townsfolk. A hero is needed and, as if a dream has come true, Calamity James stumbles into town. He is unanimously elected sheriff and proceeds to unravel the mystery which surrounds the disappearance of Mister Fortune, the town's founder. In the final round-up everyone receives their just rewards.

Read Scene 1 here.
(PDF: download or read on screen)

Production Pack includes:

  • Script and lyrics
  • Music score if required
  • High quality digitally arranged performance tracks as MP3
  • Vocal rehearsal tracks as MP3
  • Sound effects tracks as MP3
  • Permission to reproduce as necessary for cast and crew

What they say about Calamity James

  • From the music teacher:
    Fabulous. Such a success! We look forward to taking another of your productions in two years time.
    From the Deputy Principal:
    We had a very successful show of 'Calamity James'. The parents were tickled at the students' talent. A wonderful night was had by all. Thank you very much for your great script and music. We look forward to being in contact in 2 years when we look at our next performance.
    St. Francis de Sales School, Clifton

  • Thank you very. The performance was such a success. We couldn't be happier with how it all came together. I think we'll be able to manage another production next year!
    Calliope State School

  • Thank you very much. All of our students enjoyed being part of your wonderful production.
    Kinglake Primary School

  • Once again, thank you so much for all Upstage Productions has done to make the process of ordering and receiving the play so easy. Thanks, too, for all the support along the way. The boys really appreciated your 'Good Luck' card. And, yes, believe it or not, they were ALL boys! When you see the photos, I think you may doubt me ... some of them made very pretty ladies - and they were such good sports in doing so!
    Calamity James was loads of fun and perfect for boys - what with guns, horses, Sarsaparillas, Yee-ha-ing etc. They had particular fun doing the hoedown ... and, to teach them how to dance, we invited one of our local girls' schools to a Hoedown evening where we played a few games, had a 'cowboy' dinner and then a dance. They had an absolute ball ... and managed to learn dance steps without too much effort. (Amazing what can be accomplished when there are young ladies to impress!!)
    I am sure that each of the 48 boys involved in the show will take away special memories of Calamity James. (I did a Drama Prac lesson with them on Wednesday - a couple of weeks after the show - and many of them are finding it difficult to shake-off the American accents!)
    Cordwalles Preparatory School, South Africa, Year 7

    More from Cordwalles in this Album.

  • Having had a night-and-day different experience with your production company as compared to others, I see no reason for us to go anywhere else looking for our next production.
    Alpine Elementary School, Utah, USA

    Lots of photos and comments from the Alpine kids in this Album.

  • We found your show and music to be a perfect vehicle to give 85 kids an opportunity to shine on stage. The arts are flourishing in small town Eastern Iowa.
    ACT I Stage! One, Benton County, Iowa, USA

    More from ACT I Stage! One in this Album.

  • Our show went really well. I was very proud of the kids, most of whom had never been on stage before and have now definitely got the bug! It's also created an influx of budding new Thespians to my workshops. I'll certainly be contacting you in the future for more material, as it was easy to use, easy to stage and of course, a lot of fun!
    Rising Youngstars, Forfar, Scotland

  • The Year 7 play went exceptionally well. We will be in touch with you again next year.
    Fig Tree Pocket State School

  • The show was a great success and enjoyed by both the children taking part and the audience that came along to watch.
    St. Thomas Drama Club, Scotland

  • We had great fun performing the show this year and had nothing but positive feedback.
    Warragul North Primary School

  • We have just finished our performances of Calamity James and it was very enjoyable - we have had a lot of favourable comments from parents who saw the show and the children enjoyed it immensely!
    West Buckland Prep School, Devon, UK

  • Thanks to all of you for the provision of an excellent show. The students greatly enjoyed it and the audience gave a lot of very positive feed back!
    Blackburn Primary School

  • We loved every minute of Calamity James and it was an outstanding success.
    Templeton Primary School

  • Thank you! Again this year we all had so much fun with your play Calamity James!! The children loved the western!! Keep writing and creating fun plays for kids!!
    Croton Children's Theatre, New York State

  • We had a wonderful time with the show. It is the most enjoyable production script I have worked with over 15 years.
    Boronia Heights Primary School

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