Cat & Riddle
Drawing by Rob Mullarvey/Simon Wood/Doug Williams
A Bizarre Egyptian Frolic
by Jan McLean, Peter Hill, Neil Jackson & Doug Williams


Come with Ra, Pop King of the Desert Sands, and his camel-herding companions Toot, Tank & Hummin as they follow the clues carved on the sacred cat to race the Egyptologists to the secret city under the Sphinx. Be amazed by their ingenuity as Ra faces the time-honoured test to determine if he will share the throne with Queen Cleopatra. This is a show that even a mummy could love.

Read Scene 1 here.
(PDF: download or read on screen)

Production Pack includes:

  • Script and lyrics
  • Music score if required
  • High quality digitally arranged performance tracks as MP3
  • Vocal rehearsal tracks as MP3
  • Sound effects tracks as MP3
  • Permission to reproduce as necessary for cast and crew

What they say about The Cat & The Riddle

  • Every single one of our cast members was a truly valuable part of The Cat and the Riddle - a very comical and engaging production! With Ancient Egypt as the backdrop, the musical storytelling of the cast was superb.
    St. Thomas More School, Mt. Eliza

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  • It went great ... cute as could be!!! Thanks.
    Croton Children's Theatre, USA

  • The musical was extremely well received here in the North and the feedback has all been extremely favourable. I am pleased with the way this show came together. The music and script were within the range of the students and easy for audiences of all ages to follow and enjoy. The variety in the music allowed for some really fun, creative dance routines. Thank you so much for a great musical.
    Tully State School

  • Thank you very much, the musical was briliant and our kids loved it!
    Marsden State School

  • I'm pleased to report that the show was a HUGE success and everyone loved the musical!
    St. Paul Apostle North Primary School

  • The kids were superb and the audience loved it. Thank you for such an entertaining musical.
    Templeton Primary School

  • Thank you again!! The show was great!
    Croton Children's Theatre, New York State

  • Many thanks for another great show. The whole community had a ball!
    Boronia Heights Primary School

  • Thank you so much for all your work. The class play was fantastic. Our principal said it was the best our school has ever performed.
    Mark West School, California

  • The show went well! Keep writing those extravaganzas!
    Belvedere Park Primary School

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