Preparatory School
South Africa


Calamity James

Year 7 September 2009

Thanks, once again, for another fun show. The boys had a blast and I think the photos are proof of this.

And, yes, believe it or not, they were ALL boys! When you see the photos, I think you may doubt me ... some of them made very pretty ladies - and they were such good sports in doing so!

Calamity James was loads of fun and perfect for boys - what with guns, horses, Sarsaparillas, Yee-ha-ing etc. I am sure that each of the 48 boys involved in the show will take away special memories of Calamity James.
Lucy Usher

Note: Lucy sent us 297 wonderful photos. It has been very hard choosing the few for this page. We hope our selection captures the wonderful time had by all.


Here's how it all starts...

A cast of thousands? No, just 48 Thespians will do the trick.








And a few pre-production photos to complete the picture.








Remember, you have to look the part...