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Upstage Productions
ABN 82 426 706 320

Tel/Fax: +61 3 9720 3295 ... Mobile: 0401 177 775

Suitable for Upper Primary or Lower Secondary ... Adaptable to small or large groups

Production Pack is hired, not purchased.
The following essential items are delivered by download from our site (delivery details below):
  • Script & lyrics (PDF)
  • High quality digitally arranged instrumental tracks for performances (MP3)
  • Vocal tracks with instrumental backing for rehearsal (MP3)
  • Sound effects tracks (MP3)
  • Limited permission to copy script, lyrics and music for cast and crew
  • Music score (only if requested)
The following non-essential items are posted, if required:
  • Preview DVD - short term hire (28 days).
  • Children's band arrangements - hired for production period.
Also available through each show link below:
  • Testimony from previous clients.
  • Scene 1 and lyrics of Song 1.

To become part of the Upstage family, simply:

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Doggone Crazy The Cat & The Riddle Jurassic Lark
Calamity James All's Well That Ends Swell Choc A Block

Please contact us if you need further assistance to choose between our fabulous shows.


Production Packs are hired (not purchased).
Following final performance, downloaded items (masters & copies) must be deleted.
Following final performance, posted items must be returned at client's cost.
All prices are in Australian dollars and all Australian prices include GST.

1. Production Pack Hire Script, lyrics, rehearsal, performance and sound effects tracks (and score if requested), all of which are delivered by web download. Pack includes limited copying rights.

Postage will be added for any items not delivered by web download.

... $137.50 per pack

Outside Australia
... $125 per pack
        (plus bank fees)

2. Performance Fee From each performance, including matinees and all performances where no admission is charged.

Outside Australia
1. Pay the minimum fee per performance in advance.
2. Following performance(s) calculate the percentage of gross takings, subtract the minimum fee already paid and forward the difference. An invoice can be supplied.

... $110 minimum per performance
... 11% of gross takings

Outside Australia
... $100 minimum per performance
... 10% of gross takings
        (plus bank fees)

3. Recording/Promotion Fee From the sale of any promotional items and/or the sale of any form of recording made during any performance. Australia
... 11% of gross takings

Outside Australia
... 10% of gross takings
        (plus bank fees.)

  • Print this page for reference.
  • Use our Order Form (PDF file).
    • your purchase order number
    • name and email address of contact person
  • Email to: doug@upstageproductions.com.au
  • Or fax to: +61 3 9720 3295
  • Or mail to:
    Upstage Productions
    4/71 Greenhill Road
    Bayswater North   3153


  1. You email us your order.
    (If you choose to fax or mail, please include an email address.)
  2. We email you an invoice and contract.
  3. You sign and return a copy of the contract and arrange payment.
  4. When both are received, we email you a link from which you download your Production Pack.
    We also send any postage items you have requested.
  5. You have up to 14 days to complete downloading.
    (Depending on speed it should take about 14 minutes.)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) preferred:

    Bank ... Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank
    BSB ... 704191
    Account Name ... Upstage Productions
    Account Number ... 86216

  • Alternative: Cheque
    (Resources available when funds are cleared.)


  • Your invoice will include details for International Funds Transfer and related bank charges.

Feel free to contact us if you have special reasons for modifying our resources.

Have a great time with our marvellous, mirthful musical.