Jurassic Lark
Drawing by Rob Mullarvey
A Little Rock 'n' Roll Imagination
by Jan McLean, Peter Hill, Neil Jackson & Doug Williams


The movers and shakers of the prehistoric town of Little Rock believe they have the tourist trade all sewn up when they collect the last remaining dinosaurs on the face of this flat earth. Unfortunately President Flinton's investment in this dinosaur park is threatened with extinction when the precious collection completely disappears - well not completely. One baby dinosaur remains. It falls to Doctor Diplodocus to unravel the mystery of the disappearing dinosaurs and turn a prehistoric problem into a Jurassic Lark.

Read Scene 1 here.
(PDF: download or read on screen)

Production Pack includes:

  • Script and lyrics
  • Music score if required
  • High quality digitally arranged performance tracks as MP3
  • Vocal rehearsal tracks as MP3
  • Sound effects tracks as MP3
  • Permission to reproduce as necessary for cast and crew

What they say about Jurassic Lark

  • We have now finished our two performances. We truly had the most wonderful time with Jurassic Lark. It was packed to the brim with learning, confidence building, teamwork, discovery ... and a dinosaur-sized load of fun. The life lessons that come with preparing for a musical production will shine on through all the kids ... in all sorts of ways, I am sure. The kids were delighted to receive a message from the authors. It gave them an extra nice little spark before opening night.
    St. Thomas More Primary School

  • Many thanks Upstage Productions. Jurassic Lark was a huge success.
    Templeton Primary School

  • As you can imagine, the day was a roaring success. They performed wonderfully and we have a lot of very proud parents! Thank you very much for writing such a wonderful play - it is so very clever and the music score is fantastic. The kids loved it; the audience loved it; but better than that, I loved every moment of the play and our rehearsals. Thank you for my wonderful term.
    St. James Primary School

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