The Cat & The Riddle

St. Thomas More Primary
Mt. Eliza, Australia

Year 6 2013


Director's Note
Like uncovering the mysteries of the great pyramids of Giza, the cast of 2013 found new and exciting directions to bravely venture into. Our travel through a quirky slice of Egyptian history was interesting, full of learning and a great expedition into the bazaar-like atmosphere of musical theatre!

The cast unearthed a myriad of talents, built on their personal strengths and developed a deeper appreciation of supportive team work. They worked through challenges of sphinx-like proportions with enthusiasm and a positive outlook. They crossed the desert sands with courage and they revealed the intrepid characteristics of explorers on a mission. It was a joy to see their blossoming confidence and belief in themselves and each other.

Every single one of our cast members was a truly valuable part of The Cat and the Riddle - a very comical and engaging production! With Ancient Egypt as the backdrop, the musical storytelling of the cast of 2013 was superb.

K A Shaw

Production was amazing. I built confidence in myself and I learned many other life skills. All the costumes looked amazing up on stage. The production had a great story line and everyone suited their character. If I got the chance I would do it all over again. Thanks to our great director.


The production was such an amazing experience! I got to do things I never thought I would do and it really allowed me to get to know the cast better. All of the sets and costumes looked incredible and really made the show great! I really enjoyed The Cat and the Riddle.


I really enjoyed our Year 6 production of The Cat & the Riddle! I learnt a lot and I got to know people more. I learnt to be more confident with myself and with singing. I didn't know that I could act, but I do now and that's pretty amazing! I couldn't have done it without my music teacher and the support of my Year 6 friends. I really think that everyone should do this production!


The Cat and the Riddle production was a great experience for everyone and taught me some important skills for the future. For me, it was the first time performing and has definitely made me more confident and improved my acting skills. I definitely don't regret being in this performance. Thanks Upstage Productions!


I loved The Cat and the Riddle. It has given me memories that will last a lifetime and has made Year 6 more special. It was a great show that was lots of fun! It has given me life lessons that will help me to grow. I had an amazing time. Thanks Upstage Productions.


Other Comments
  • This year's production has given me more confidence in singing and the ability to perform well in front of others.
  • Production has been a good opportunity for me to learn more about stage performance and building up my confidence. All of our 2013 cast put in 100%.
  • During the rehearsals I have enjoyed reading my script and acting. I think that this year's production is excellent and hysterical.
  • The production has really boosted my confidence with speaking and singing in front of people. The extra rehearsals really helped me to put some expression into my lines.
  • Production has taught me to be able to work with anyone and has boosted my self-esteem by 1000000 points. Oh ... and it is great fun.
  • In preparing for this year's production, I've loved learning about the ways other people act as their characters. I have been able to learn new talents such as singing, dancing and acting and I have had a lot of fun.
  • I think Production is really good because it improves everyone's confidence in singing and acting.
  • What I have learnt from production is to have fun with your friends while doing things you wouldn't do naturally. I think all the cast, including myself, have learnt to be comfortable doing things like dancing and singing. Production is a fun and entertaining experience and I really recommend it.
  • The production has boosted my confidence heaps and I am now able to sing and dance in front of people freely.
  • During the rehearsals I have gained a lot of confidence and had heaps of fun.
  • During the rehearsals I have become a lot better at script reading and adding expression. I've also become a lot more confident in singing. I feel good about this production because I like my character and the storyline of the production, because I think it's really funny.
  • . One thing I have learnt from production is not to be afraid when you make a mistake; you have to stand up tall and try, try again.
  • This year's production practices have taught me how to be more self confident in my expression and in my acting. It has been a great experience.
  • In the production this year, I think that I have grown stronger in performing my lines, singing and dancing and I think that this year's production has a good story line with a lot of role playing and acting.
  • Production has helped me to be more confident in myself up on stage. It has helped us with mixing in one big group and being a team player.
  • Production has helped with my confidence and not being so embarrassed in front of my other class mates.