All's Well That Ends Swell

Waverley Meadows Primary School, Victoria


Hear ye! Hear ye!

We, the right merry primary performers of the Waverley Meadows 2014 production, declare to be true and correct and without malice or malevolence these comments about our star-studded performance of All's Well That Ends Swell.

  • I enjoyed the fact that all of the knights' names (whether good or bad) were a funny word, like mine, I was Sir Tyfycate. (Amanda)
  • The thing I liked about the play was that I was a main character, Sir Prancelot. The whole play was really fun. (Tristan)
  • The production was a blast! I enjoyed my role and thought it was fun. It made me laugh and was a success.
  • The production was outstanding! The script, the dances and the songs were great to learn. I enjoyed every part of the production. (Jenny)
  • I really enjoyed the script with its many "play-on words". Many people congratulated us on our amazing performance. (Emily)
  • The best production ever! Funny, lots of laughs, everyone enjoyed All's Well and all the jokes. (Caitlin)
  • The production was a great experience for me. I believe it stood out from all the others we have put on. It was a great play to end my amazing year of grade 6. (Chelsea)
  • It was amazing, shame we could only do one show!
  • My favourite part of the production was hearing the audience laugh.
  • It was very good because everyone put a lot of effort into it. (Harry)

  • My favourite part was when Orrie burst out of the stump. (Aaron)
  • One of the best shows we've put on. It had a great selection of songs.
  • The role of Friar Balsam was really funny. Many people laughed when I said, "French Fries. Today I'm the chipmonk!" The costume was really strange, especially the headpiece. (JJ)
  • I really enjoyed the script. It was so funny! Some of the cast had lots of different personalities and that's what I like about it. (Aden)
  • I felt the production was AWESOME! It was the best production I have ever been in and I really liked being a black knight. (Warren)

  • I loved being a black knight in the production All's Well That Ends Swell. I think RFA and Black Prints were the funniest characters. I enjoyed the production very much. (Matthew)
  • I was Sir Cuss (a good knight). We found this a bit funny because all the good knights were girls! I enjoyed being a good knight as it was fantastic having a moustache. I enjoyed being a main character. (Catharine)
  • I liked being in the play and summoning the important people like the King, Orrie the Oracle and Friar Balsam as I was the Town Crier. (Katie)

  • I played RFA who was always the one with the jokes. I really enjoyed singing the song "Ballad of Black Prints", everyone kept saying that was probably the best song. I was really happy that we did this production. I really loved my costume because it was colourful and different. (Shelby)
  • The production was a great experience for me because it was my first one, it was awesome. On the night I was really nervous but it was okay. It was really fun being a black knight. (Jasmin)

  • I played a lady-in-waiting in the play. I really enjoyed doing it and I want to do it again. (Jelena)
  • For our production I was a lady-in-waiting. In my role I had to follow the Princess, King and Queen. I enjoyed my role and after the production I went to my parents and they said I looked beautiful, I was so happy. (Kyra)
  • I liked the school production because it was an adventure to find the Lost Well of Puddle. The really liked my part of the trumpeter. (Imogen)

  • In the school production my role was Sir Kool. I like my character because I had to act all cool and I got to call the King "Maj". As soon as the Royal Entourage finished singing and dancing (including me) I felt so good that I actually just got up and performed in front of about 500 people. (Kiana)
  • I felt proud of having the role to be a bad knight. It was cool to be in many scenes. I had some lines which were cool to say and sing a song. (Manny)
  • The production was a blast! I enjoyed my role and thought it was fun. It made me laugh and was a success.

And their teacher says:
  • The kids did such a magnificent job and had a ball performing. I really enjoyed working with them and am very pleased with how it all went.
  • I was extremely proud of them all, there were some children we wouldn't have dreamt would have the confidence but they showed us otherwise!
  • I found the script very entertaining and loved all the word puns (although I had to explain half of them to the younger children!) The adults in the audience also enjoyed the comedy.

  • My husband did a fantastic job with the set construction, complete with a working wooden drawbridge! It certainly was a family affair, my Year 6 daughter played Queen Be Good - the preps loved it when she kept telling off the king and when Black Prints called her a bellowing blueberry! They keep coming up to her in the yard and saying "Be quiet you blueberry!!!"
Amanda Dennehy